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  • We can furnish the following military specifications products.
  • We also can custom make products to the drawing and specification.
  • Certification and test reports for the products can be available upon request.



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Name Description Category
HH-P-46E Asbestos Sheet Mil-Spec
HH-P-96 G Paper, Gasket: Fiber (Animal or Plant) Sheet Mil-Spec
M45952 Detent Pin Mil-Spec
MIL-A-18001K Anodes, Sacrificial Zinc Alloy Mil-Spec
MIL-A-2550B Ammunition general specification Mil-Spec
MIL-B-117E Bags, Sleeves and Tubing Mil-Spec
MIL-C-20079H Cloth, Glass; Tape, Textile Glass; Thread, Glass & Wire-Reinforced Glass Mil-Spec
MIL-C-46168 D Coating, Aliphatic Polyurethane, Chemical Mil-Spec
MIL-C-6133 C Cellular Elastomeric Materials, Molded or Fabricated Parts Mil-Spec
MIL-C-61835 Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet Mil-Spec
MIL-C-6183B Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet, for Aromatic Fuel and Oil Resistant Gaskets Mil-Spec
MIL-C-882E Cloth Inserted Rubber Mil-Spec
MIL-D-24709(SH) Distributed Isolation Material Mil-Spec
MIL-DTL-117H Bags, Heat-Sealable Mil-Spec
MIL-DTL-15562G Matting or Sheet, Floor Covering, Insulating for High-Voltage Applications Mil-Spec
MIL-DTL-18240F Fastener Element, Self-Locking, Threaded Fastener Mil-Spec
MIL-DTL-24244D Insulation Material, With Special Corrosion, Chloride, and Fluoride Requirements Mil-Spec
MIL-E-24142-6G Enclosure, Submersible (15-foot), Sizes 8 by 10 and through 14 by 26 Mil-Spec
MIL-E-24142B#1 Enclosure for Electrical Fittings and Fixtures Mil-Spec
MIL-F-1183 Flange Fittings Mil-Spec
MIL-F-20042D Flange, Pipe & Bulkhead, Bronze (Silver Brazing) Mil-Spec
MIL-F-81334B Foam, Flexible, Plastic, Open Cell Polyester Type, Polyurethane Mil-Spec
MIL-G-1086E Gasket Material, Synthetic Rubber (For Bolted Steel Tanks) Mil-Spec
MIL-G-11491D Glass washer, Electric, Portable Mil-Spec
MIL-G-1149C Gasket Materials, Synthetic Rubber, 50 and 65 Durometer Hardness Mil-Spec
MIL-G-12803 Cancelled see ASTM-F-104-03 Mil-Spec
MIL-G-12803C Gasket Material Non-Metallic Mil-Spec
MIL-G-15324E Gaskets, Metallic, Spiral Wound for Boilers Mil-Spec
MIL-G-16265F Gaskets, Metallic-Flexible Graphite and Metallic-Asbestos, Spiral Wound Mil-Spec
MIL-G-17927C Gasket, Glass-Metallic Mil-Spec
MIL-G-19769B Gaskets, Synthetic Rubber, Oil Resistant, Slide Valve Mil-Spec
MIL-G-20078C Gaskets for Ballistic Doors and Hatches Mil-Spec
MIL-G-21610C Gaskets, Heat Exchanger Mil-Spec
MIL-G-22050D Gasket and Packing for Polar Fluids, Steam & Air Mil-Spec
MIL-G-24696-1A Gasket, Sheet, Non-Asbestos, Size and Tolerances Mil-Spec
MIL-G-24696B Gasket, Sheet, Non-Asbestos, Size and Tolerances Mil-Spec
MIL-G-24716A Gasket, Spiralwounds Mil-Spec
MIL-G-24748A Gasket, Metallic & Rubber Mil-Spec
MIL-G-3036C Grommets, Rubber Hot Oil and Coolant Resistant Mil-Spec
MIL-G-5514 F Gland Design; Packings, Hydraulic Mil-Spec
MIL-HDBK-695E Rubber Products Recommended Shelf Life Mil-Spec
MIL-I-22344D Insulation, Pipe, Thermal, Fibrous Glass Mil-Spec
MIL-I-24768 14 Insulation Material, with Special Corrosion, Chloride, and Fluoride Requirements Mil-Spec
MIL-I-2781F Insulation, Pipe, Thermal Mil-Spec
MIL-I-45208A Inspection System Requirements Mil-Spec
MIL-L-24478C Lubricant, Molybdenum Disulfide in Isopropanol Mil-Spec
MIL-L-40069D Leather, Cattle hide, Chrome Tanned Cold-Climate Mil-Spec
MIL-M-910F Mats, Floor, Standing Mil-Spec
MIL-P-116J See MIL-STD-2073 (Methods of Preservation) Mil-Spec
MIL-P-15280J Plastic Material, Unicellular Mil-Spec