At Fort Worth Gasket & Supply we have presses capable of die cutting small or large gaskets. Besides custom made gaskets, We have steel rule dies available for cutting standard flange gaskets. Our gasket materials come from domestic sources such as Garlock, BRP, Amorim, Fiberflex, and more. Our flange gaskets are cut from the requested materials to the customers requested thickness to meet the specified pipe flange dimension with a full face or ring configuration. Gaskets are flat and meet ASME B16.21 specification.

For special configurations, our professional gasket personnel can hand cut from drawings or samples. If a new die is required we have very low die charges for steel rule dies and a fast turnaround time. All gasket cutting is done by Fort Worth Gasket & Supply in the United States of America.


We stock or manufacture a wide range of gaskets and sheet packing materials, including but not
limited to:

  • Flange gaskets - ½" to 24" 150# and 300# ring or full face
  • Spiral wound gaskets - 304 or 316 S/S windings with NASB, TFE, or carbon filler; meet API601 specification
  • Teflon envelope gaskets
  • Handhole & Manhole gaskets - EPDM or rubberized fiberglass
  • Coupling gaskets - Wire-inserted NASB fiberglass
  • Water meter coupling washers
  • Fiber coupling washers
  • Leather pump cups – for air, water, and hydraulic apps
Valley Pan Gasket for Performance V-8 sport car engine

Valley Pan Gasket for Performance V-8 sport car engine