w       TEFLON (Polytetraflouroethylene)
Extremely good chemical resistance to a wide range of fluids; there are only a few very rare fluids that will attack it.  Has a very low static coefficient of friction (slippery), poor heat conductor, good heat insulator.  It has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, swells significantly under heat, will flow (creep) under relatively low loads even at room temperature (cold flow).
Temperature:  - 400 F to 500 F

Made from wool, compressed with chemical moisture and heat to enable the natural tendency of wool fiber to interlock tightly when wet.  Wool felt is used for cushioning & padding, gasketing & sealing, wicking & lubrication, vibration & shock control and wicking.

Manufactured in various forms which include bonding of 316 Stainless Steel foil, polyester or low carbon steel.  Each carries different temperature ratings.  Graphite is found in nature and is one of the two crystalline forms of the element carbon, the other being the diamond.  Graphite has many unusual features which include a nature lubricity; one of the most stable and chemical resistant materials in the world.  It has a high temperature rating and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity.   
Closed cell cellular rubber products are good for insulation, floor backing, and window and door seals.



(Wire Inserted Rubberized Fiberglass)
A fabric made from a texturized fiberglass yarn which is coated and impregnated with a white rubber compound and has been twisted with a brass wire for additional strength and density.  This gasket material is used for boiler gaskets, groove packing, tapes, etc.  It is  good for applications where rough or uneven flanges need a sealing material.
Temperature:  300 F to 550 F

A wide variety of uses dependent upon the style of rubber used.  Industrial, automotive, and transformer gasketing.

A highly compressible, special blend of cellulose fibers treated with a glue-glycerin binder rendered insoluble by means of a tanning solution which gives it strong, flexible, oil proof properties excellent sealing ability.  It is highly conformable to compensate for distortion in flanges making it an excellent and economical general purpose gasket material.
Temperature up to 250 F

The premium grade of elastomeric binder and resin system with good dimensional stability, fluid resistance and a non-asbestos,
high density gasket material with fibrous reinforcement for higher temperature applications.  
Temperature up to 480 F