yrene-butadiene Rubber)

Recommended for low pressure applications such as washers and gaskets for the heating and plumbing trades.  Low cost flange gasket material.  An economical, non-oil resistant compound that resists flow under compression.  Offers moderate to good performance against low pressure and good aging, abrasion resistance and tear resistance.  Easily conforms to uneven flange surfaces.
Temperature: - 20 F to + 170 F  

w        NOPRENE  (Polychloroprene)
Neoprene sheet is specially compounded to provide good resistance to oils and gasoline in such applications as gaskets and flanges in gas permeable situations.  Also  applicable for  bumpers, pads and  sealing usages.
A commercial blend, Neoprene compound, adaptable to extreme weather conditions since it resists rotting, checking and cracking due to ozone exposure.  Has good low temperature flexibility and is oil resistant.  Meets ASTM specifications for IBC Material.  A premium grade product that has very good oil resistant characteristics.  The 50% Neoprene Base Formula resists ozone and is highly recommended for hot and cold applications. 
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 170 F  

w       BUNA-N or NITRILE
Excellent for all types of washers, gaskets and seals which require resistance to conditions of oils and aromatic fuels.  Nitrile has superior chemical resistance which increases adaptability to many applications.  Good resistance to many oils and in water  applications.
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 170 F

w        FDA NITRILE - White
A superior long life sheet used in all types of food processing and by manufacturers of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.  A white Ntrile food grade sheet made from F.D.A. approved ingredients.  Has good abrasive qualities and resistance to oily and greasy food products.  This is a non-toxic, non-marking and non-allergenic sheet.
Temperature:  - 25 F to + 220 F

w       EPDM
(Ethylene-propylenediene  Terpolymer)

Excellent for applications which involve extreme temperature and/or weather conditions.  It is used extensively in high temperature gasket installations.  Offers ozone and chemical resistance as well as resistance to extreme temperatures.  Also provides excellent electrical and dynamic properties.  Excellent resistance to animal and vegetable oils, water, steam, oxygenated solvents.
Temperature:  - 40 F to + 220 F

 w       HYPALON
75 Duro Hypalon rubber compound with a light fabric finish, it has excellent resistance to weathering and ozone, acids, hot water, moderate resistance to petroleum oils and lubricants.  It is not recommended for service in chlorinated solvents, aromatic solvents and ketones.
Temperature:  - 30 F to 250 F

       (Isoprene, Natural)
Tan Floating Stock (Pure Gum), for installation requiring high tensile and elongation characteristics along with superior abrasion resistance.  Also suitable for applications requiring a soft rubber seal.  Natural rubber conforms to irregular flanges with bolt loads.  Highly resilient excellent abrasion and acid resistance and high tensile and tear strength. Bonds effectively to a wide range of materials. Resists most organic salts, acids and alkalies.  Compound is non-marking and non-toxic.
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 140 F

Excellent flange gasket material for air, hot and cold water, saturated steam, low pressure steam or hydraulic services.  Suited for all types of gauges, meters and valves where pressure areas are subject  to movement.  A tough SBR compound and close weave polyester fabric construction.  Perfect for custom cutting and odd size applications and provides both flexibility and uniform structural strength.  One ply of fabric per 1/16" thickness.
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 170 F

Economical answer for flange gaskets where oil and hot or cold water and gases are being conveyed.  A medium grade Neoprene pressed with a close weave polyester inserted fabric.  Good where both flexibility and uniform strength are important.
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 180 F

Strong flexible premium packing material used to transmit motions between fluids, gases and air in gauges, meters and valves.  An excellent weather stripping material.  Manufactured with a high quality Neoprene compound for long service.  Reinforced with high quality polyester for balanced structural strength over entire diaphragm area.
Temperature:  - 20 F to + 200 F

w       SILICONE (Polysiloxane)
Excellent resistance to weathering and ozone, good resistance to hot water and  low pressure steam, alcohols, diethylene glycol, good for weather seals, electronic applications, and automotive and marine gasketing.  Silicone polymer is not recommended for service in aromatic solvents, fuels, chlorinated solvents and acids.
Temperature:  - 80 F to + 450 F  

 w       VITON
(Hexafluoropropylene-Vinylidene Flouride)

Commercial grade 70 duro viton compound.  It has excellent resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants, and animal or vegetable oils.  It is not recommended for service in acids, chlorinated solvents, or hot water and steam.  It is not recommended for service in low molecular weight esters and ethers, ketones, certain amines, hot anhydrous hydrofluoric or chlorosulphonic acids and alkyl phosphate esters.  Ask for other Viton compounds for special applications.
Temperature:  - 10 F to 400 F