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At Fort Worth Gasket & Supply we have presses capable of die cutting small or large gaskets.  We have hard dies available for cutting from " to 24" 150# and 300# ring or full face FLANGE GASKETS.   For special configurations our professional gasket personnel can hand cut from drawings or samples.  If a new die is required we have very low die charges for steel rule dies and a fast turnaround time.

Fort Worth Gasket & Supply stocks all types of gasket and sheet packing materials from RUBBER to NON-ASBESTOS including Mil spec Garlock 3200 (Mil-G-24696), CMP-4001 to TEFLON, CORK & OTHERS.  Our gasket materials come from domestic sources such as Interface Solutions, Garlock, JM Clipper, Durabla, Klinger, Armstrong, West America Rubber, Legg, BRP, Biltrite, Dodge,  Amorim, and Fiberflex.   Flange gaskets are die cut from the requested materials to the customers requested thickness to meet the specified pipe flange dimension with a full face or ring configuration.  Gaskets are flat and meet ASME B16.21 specifications.  All gasket cutting is done by Fort Worth Gasket & Supply in the United States of America.

We also stock SPIRALWOUND GASKETS with 304 or 316 S/S windings, with non-asbestos, Teflon or carbon filler.  These gaskets meet API 601 specifications and can be domestic product on request.  We manufacturer and distribute TEFLON ENVELOPE GASKETS.  We make HANDHOLE and MANHOLE GASKETS from rubberized fiberglass or EPDM.  We manufacturer COUPLING GASKETS from fabric made from wire-inserted non-asbestos fiberglass.   We make rubber WATER METER COUPLING WASHERS and stock FIBER COUPLING WASHERS.  We also produce LEATHER PUMP CUPS for air, oil, water, and hydraulic applications. 

Below are some of the Garlock gasket materials we have serviced for a large variety of applications including utilities, piping, water treatment, nuclear, defense, etc.

Gylon Style 3545 - Microcellular PTFE with rigid inner core.  A highly compressible layers seal under light bolt loads and conform to surface irregularities on the flange. The rigid PTFE core helps control cold flow and creep associated with PTFE gaskets.

Garlock Style 7797 - Premium Grade Neoprene Rubber.  Incompressible-can be deformed, depending on durometer and cross section, but can never be reduced in volume. Highly impermeable-can serve as a tight barrier against the passage of gases or liquids. Elastic-little flange pressure required to effect intimate contact with gasket, allowing it to move with the flange surfaces, always maintaining a seal.

Garlock Style 8798 - Neoprene Diaphragm with Nylon Fabric Insert.  Combines elasticity and extensibility of rubber with strength of fabric insert. Specially compounded in varying burst strengths for almost any service condition.

Garlock Blue-Gard Style 3200 - Aramid fibers with a SBR Binder. Excellent sealability. Unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers, and a SBR rubber binder provides improved torque retention and drastically lowered emissions levels. Cuts operational costs through reduced: Waste - Maintenance - Stocked Inventory - Fluid Loss - Energy Consumption.

Garlock Blue-Gard Style 3300 - Aramid fibers with a neoprene binder.  Unique blend of aramid fibers, fillers and a neoprene rubber binder provides improved torque retention and drastically lowered emissions levels. Cuts operational costs through reduced:- Waste- Waste- Maintenance- Stocked inventory- Fluid loss- Energy consumption.

Garlock Stress Saver Style 370 - Raised, molded-in sealing rings seal with 75% less surface area for high performance in non-metallic flanges. Pure PTFE  sealing element for resistance to many chemicals. EPDM for high purity applications.

Garlock Graphonic - A corrugated insert of varying materials combines with a flexible graphite sealing element. Accommodates a wide range of temperatures and seals effectively during thermal cycling.

Garlock 5500 - Inorganic fiber gasketing offers excellent thermal stability with minimal weight loss. Reduced creep relaxation and improved torque retention provide optimal sealability. Non-oxidizing fibers withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 550F (290C), and maximum spike of 800F (425C).

Garlock Multi-Swell Style 3760 - Aramid fibers with a proprietary rubber binder.  Creates compressive load in light weight flanges in oil and water service. More universal than gaskets that swell in oil only reduces inventory. More compressible than standard fiber gaskets and seals with low load . Easy to cut and handle extremely flexible, minimizes waste . Replaces vegetable fiber gaskets in many applications won't weep, improving plant safety . Seals flanges in "less than perfect" conditions minimizing maintenance.

THERMa-PUR Style 4122 - THERMa-PUR is a proprietary new gasketing material designed for use in high temperature sealing applications. It is produced using an environmentally friendly solvent-free process and combines a unique formulation with a patent-pending core.

Garlock Style 9920 - Nuclear.

Fort Worth Gasket & Supply has also started providing EMI/RFI Shielding Products as below:

  • Knitted wire mesh        

  • Metalized fabric cloth gaskets

  • EMI shielding strips

  • knitted wire mesh

  • EMI gaskets

  • Oriented wire gaskets

  • Die cut gaskets

  • Grounding washers

  • Metalized o-rings

  • Conductive vulcanized gaskets

  • Conductive die cut gaskets

  • Form in place gaskets

  • Expanded metal gaskets

  • 94VO gaskets

  • Conductive EPDM gaskets

  • Conductive adhesives

  • Conductive caulking

  • Air filtration panels

  • Air vent panels

  • EMI air filters

  • Honeycomb vent panels

  • EMI vent panels

  • EMI windows

  • Conductive filled silicone gaskets

  • Metalized filled silicone gaskets

  • Fingerstock

  • Board level shields

  • Thermal management gaskets

  • Thermal management materials

  • Foil tapes

  • Copper foil tape

  • Aluminum foil tape

  • Absorbers

  • Thermal grease

  • Ferrites




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