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Fort Worth Gasket & Supply stocks domestic built bolts and nuts and will furnish a certification from the domestic factory when requested.  We import directly from overseas plain, zinc plated, cad plated, hot dip galvanized hex machine bolts, cap screws, finished and heavy hex nuts, flat washers and fender washers.  We also cut and stock low carbon,  B7, and S/S all thread rods and studs.  We stock brass water meter flanges and flange insulation kits.  We package flange bolt sets with gaskets in a pizza style box, shrink wrapped or in individual boxes without the gasket. 

Most bolted joints only require ASTM A 307 GRADE A or B HEX BOLTS and ASTM A 563 A or B NUTS.  We ship a variety of flange bolt set sizes that conform to AWWA pipe size recommendations.  All bolts and nuts meet the requested ASTM specification.  Common specifications that we ship bolts and nuts against are SAE J 429 grade 5 and grade 8 (ASTM A 354-BD), ASTM A193, B7, B8, and A194, GD 2H, ASTM A307 Grade A / B and A563 Grade A / B, and ASTM A 325.  We also assemble bolt sets using alloy steel such as S/S 316 and 304.  Our bolts meet the ANSI / ASME general and dimensional standards B18.2.1, our nuts meet B18.2.2. specifications.  Length and diameter of flange bolt sets conform to ASME 16.5 specifications.  We can furnish other grades in the 300 and 400 series of stainless steel as well as brass and bronze.  We furnish domestic built bolt sets when requested and will also furnish a certification from the factory when requested.


To make a good seal at a pipe joint it is important that the bolts be tightened in the proper pattern to the proper torque value.  Click above to see the patterns and torque values.


For reference we have included some standard bolt sizes for pipe flange bolt sets.  However all applications are not standard and you should check your flange dimensions if ordering something special and for pipes above 24 inches (click bolt sizes above for the normal bolt sizes). 


There is a large variation in bolt length on butterfly valves above 12 inches.  There will be some bolts that go into a tapped hole in the body of the valve requiring shorter bolts.  You must check with the valve manufacture for the recommended bolt size.  Most manufactures recommend studs rather than bolts for larger valves.



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